Guest Ticket Online Reservation Service Guide

You can make guest ticket reservations following the instructions below.
All guest tickets are available on a limited basis, and screenings marked sold out are not available for online/on-site reservation.

Reservation Date

  • 1. Guest ticket reservation period: 10:00 (KST) Wed, 4 Oct, 2023 – 13:30 (KST) Mon, 13 Oct, 2023
  • 2. New tickets for the next day screenings are released at:
    • - 10:00 (KST) on 4 Oct
    • - 8:00 (KST) from 5 Oct to 7 Oct
    • - 8:30 (KST) from 8 Oct to 9 Oct
    • - 10:00 (KST) from 10 Oct to 12 Oct
    ※Tickets release time differs by date. Please refer to the schedule above.
  • 3. Online reservation is closed when the screening starts.

Ticket Reservation

  • - Depending on the number of badges issued to participant, it is possible to make reservations for movies on the same day and the next day.
  • - All guest seats can be reserved online. In the event of online sold-out seats, reservations cannot be made at the on-site ticket booth.
  • - Duplicate reservations for screenings at the same time slot are not allowed.
STEP 1 Log-in

- Login with your ID and password sent to you by Email.
- Click the “Reserve” button at the top of the page.

STEP 2 Reserve

- Find the film you want to reserve by clicking the Screening Date or by entering the Code Number.
- Click the “Next” button and choose your seat.
- Click the “Next” button to complete your reservation.

STEP 3 Review/Cancel

- Click the “Review/Cancel” button at the top of the page and you can review all the screenings you reserved.
- If you want to cancel a reservation, choose among the list and click the “Cancel This Booking” button.

STEP 4 Get your ticket

- Mobile Ticket: Login to your account on your mobile device and click the “Review/Cancel” button. Click the screening that you are entering and show your Mobile Ticket to the usher.
- Paper Ticket: You can exchange to Paper ticket at the BIFF Ticket Box.


  • 1. Cancellation of reservation: “Review/Cancel” ▶ Ticket details ▶ Select the film ▶ “Cancel This Booking”
  • 2. Please return tickets for screenings you are not attending. Up to 30 minutes prior to the screening, you can cancel mobile tickets online, and return paper tickets on-site at the BIFF Ticket Box.

General Guidelines

  • 1. Only badge holders themselves can make reservations and attend. All guest tickets are non-transferrable.
        If your ticket is transferred to another participant, remaining reservations may be invalidated.
  • 2. Both ticket (Mobile or Paper) and badge will be checked at theater entrance. Admission may be denied if you cannot present your badge.
  • 3. Screenshots of the mobile ticket are not valid.
  • 4. In case of repeated no-shows, you may be denied of ticket reservation and/or badge registration.
※Paper ticket can only be issued from BIFF ticket box and printed reservation list will not be accepted.
  • 5. Unavailable reservation
   - Open Cinema : Only available at the On-Site Ticket Box
Schedule Code Date Time Theaters Title
012 5 Oct 20:00 BIFF Theater One More Chance
069 6 Oct 20:00 BIFF Theater Dogman
141 7 Oct 19:40 BIFF Theater Monster
300 9 Oct 19:40 BIFF Theater Rocky and Rani’s Love Story
377 10 Oct 20:00 BIFF Theater The Animal Kingdom
438 11 Oct 20:00 BIFF Theater Revolver Lily
501 12 Oct 20:00 BIFF Theater A Better Tomorrow (4K Restoration)
   - Unavailable to reserve with badge
Schedule Code Date Time Theaters Title
001 4 Oct 18:00 BIFF Theater [Opening Film] Because I Hate Korea
002 13 Oct 18:00 BIFF Theater [Closing Film] The Movie Emperor
801 5 Oct 19:00 KNN Theater Actors’ House - John CHO
802 6 Oct 18:00 KNN Theater Actors’ House – SONG Joong-ki
803 6 Oct 20:00 KNN Theater Actors’ House – YOUN Yuh-jung
804 7 Oct 20:30 KNN Theater Actors’ House – HAN Hyo-joo
900 8 Oct 18:00 BIFF Theater Asia Contents Awards & Global OTT Awards

BIFF Ticket Box

You can collect paper tickets for reserved screenings and/or request on-site reservation at Ticket Box.

Location Period Operating Time
Busan Cinema Center BIFF Ticket box
4 Oct 10:00~20:30
5-7 Oct 08:00~20:30
8-9 Oct 08:00~20:30
10-13 Oct 10:00~20:30
Cinemountain 6F 5-7 Oct 08:00~20:30
8-9 Oct 08:30~20:30
10-12 Oct 10:00~20:30
13 Oct 08:30~14:00
CGV Centum City 7F
5-7 Oct 08:00~20:30
8-9 Oct 08:30~20:30
10-12 Oct 10:00~20:30
LOTTE CINEMA Daeuyoung 4F 6-9 Oct 09:00~19:30
Hall 1, Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO
(Only for Market)
7-9 Oct 09:00~19:00
10 Oct 09:00~18:00


BIFF Call Center

Tel. +82-1666-9177

BIFF Guest Team

E-mail. /

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